Welcome and thank you for visiting our "Think Jiu-Jitsu Game" website.  It is my hope that this game is used in the spirit in which it was created. The game is a product of my eighteen-year journey in Jiu-Jitsu both as a student and as an instructor.

As a female BJJ practitioner, I could not rely solely on strength when training or competing against my male counterparts. As a result, I was forced to focus on the details of BJJ and to  develop a keen understanding of how the human body works. If I could ascertain what weakened my opponent, then I could use that knowledge to my advantage. Understanding body leverage and timing of movement was also very important in submitting my opponent. Thus, to succeed in BJJ, I learned to include the three key components of Technique, Timing, and Leverage in my game strategy.

Teaching what I have learned over the years of dissecting BJJ techniques and  movements  reinvigorated my love for BJJ. As I advanced within the sport, I was able to not only effectively implement technique, but to also understand the purpose behind each particular movement. The Think Jiu-Jitsu game became the method through which I could share my deep understanding of BJJ with my fellow instructors and students.

The overall game consists of a number of different mini games, which keeps training interesting and challenging.  In addition, we encourage everyone to create their own games as well.